Mediation Services

Mediation is an attempt to resolve a dispute before proceeding with legal action. This normally demands a third party individual/entity called the mediator who monitors the discussion process between the two parties involved in the financial conflict/dispute. The mediator is a neutral persona who has good knowledge of the industry and is capable of understanding the full concept of the issue. The mediator is skilled in controlling the negotiation and driving it in the right direction in terms of legal & financial aspects thus ensuring that the agreement reached by both parties is in line with regulatory requirements and their best interests. Credit Intelligence KFT offers superb mediator services for conflicts associated with resolution of bad debts.

  • Competitive FeesCredit Intelligence KFT offers high standard mediation services at very competitive prices in the market.
  • Industry KnowledgeCredit Intelligence KFT and its years of experience in the field give it a competitive edge when it comes to knowledge of the industry for mediation services
  • Cost Effective SolutionUsing our mediation services will prove to be a cost effective solution to resolving your financial conflicts without the involvement of legal & court proceedings and associated fees
Mediation is an informal attempt by two parties to try to resolve a dispute, prior to entering into the formal arbitration process.