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Our fees are subject of negotiation. The tariff applied to the management of foreign receivables may be higher than that of the domestic rates. The management of invoices with greater amount or the joint management of several invoices rather reduce the fees than the invoices of smaller amount or the individual invoices. The fee of older receivables may be higher than that of the new ones and the fee of those receivables which you have tried to collect before, or those of which a verdict was made before, is higher.
The answer to the above question is simple – the wide range and deepness of our qualifications and experience place us above the others. There are a lot of law firms which also carry out debt collection activities. However only a few of them can be proud of having the combination of a wide range of legal experience, the leading of “non-law firm” and the extremely successful sales and management experience on the receivable management market.
The getting started process is EXTREMELY simple. You only have to do the following:
Call our office at +36 1 883-9870 and we will lead you through the assignment process in a few minutes or you may fill in our contacts form and send us on our fax number: +36 1 883-9875 or on e-mail to [email protected]. If you choose the latter, one of our representatives will contact you in 30 minutes to agree on the fee. The receivable's management will start at the moment of the agreement.
If you wish to apply for an invoice settlement through our company, you will need to present us with the following data:
- Debtor’s name
- Debtor’s address and phone number
- The exact amount of the debt
- The copy of the unpaid invoices or the statement of the payment
After the data arrived to us, we will send you a Confirmation, detailing the invoices which you wish to collect, with the fee on which you and your representative have agreed. After the signature of the confirmation, with which you empower us to collect the amount shown on your indicated invoice(s), your case will be forwarded to one of our qualified collectors who will get in contact with each debtor company figuring out the invoice within 24 hours from the agreement.
In case the money is collected on behalf of the client, and it is transferred to our bank account , instead of the client’s account, Credit Intelligence KFT. sends a transfer payment cheque to its client every Friday. On the transfer payment cheque(s) sent to our client, there is the exact amount received from the debtor, minus the profit of law firm obtained on the invoice or on other collections which has not been settled by our client for 30 days or more. The first Friday starts after 10 working days from the debtor’s transfer.

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